A copyright protects your unique expressive works. 

These expressive works include any:

  • Written works (books, articles, social media posts, blogs, worksheets, webinar presentations, etc.);

  • Works of art (photographs, graphics, paintings, drawings, sketches, sculptures, jewelry design, fabric design, etc.);

  • Other digital content (websites, apps, computer programs, etc.);

  • Dramatic works (plays, screenplays, scripts, etc.);

  • Musical works (including compositions and sound recordings);

  • Video works (or audio/visual works) (movies, webinars, etc.); and

  • Architectural works.


Every single original work that you create - no matter how big or how small - is an investment of your time, energy and resources. So, by their very nature your creative works are incredibly valuable and such be treated as such!

The internet has made it very easy for us to distribute these creative works to our intended audience. The internet has also made it very easy for others to steal these works and financial exploit them, so protecting these works is imperative.

A registered copyright is ideal for any entrepreneur or small business that:


  • Is serious about protecting their unique expressive works;

  • Wants to pre-emptively keep copyright infringers at bay;

  • Wants to boost their business profits and credibility;

  • Wants to make enforcing their intellectual property rights easier.

But registration costs money (albeit, a lot less than you probably think) and it can also take a while to go through the process (generally, 3 months to a year). That is why we encourage all of our clients to thoroughly evaluate each creative work and only register the ones that you have deemed to significant to your current or future business interests.



STEP 1: Evaluate your creative work to determine if it warrants copyright registration. (Highly Recommended)

or​ or​
  • You can skip this step, if you're certain that you should register this creative work.
STEP 2: Register your work.
  1. You can schedule a free 15-minute consultation if you have any other questions, or just contact us to get started.
  2. We'll then send you a client agreement (so you know what to expect), an invoice, and a link to a brief intake form, so we can learn more about your work and how you're using it.
  3. You digitally sign the agreement, pay your invoice, and fill out the intake form.
  4. As soon as you pay the invoice, we prepare your application and file it with the US Copyright Office.
  5. We walk your application through the entire registration process and keep you informed of the progress along the way.


  • We prepare your Copyright Application, file it with the US Copyright Office, and follow the registration process through to the very end, including:
    • Routine communication with and you (to answer any questions and provide periodic application status updates); and
    • Routine correspondence with the US Copyright Office.



Includes copyright application preparation and filing with the US Copyright Office

INVESTMENT: $349 + Copyright filing fees

DMCA Takedown Requests

Requests to take down infringing material under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

INVESTMENT: $349 and up


Infringement research, cease and desist letters, removal requests.

INVESTMENT: $499 and up


Negotiating and drafting agreements to permanently transfer copyright rights (an assignment) or to allow others to use your trademark in exchange for a fee (a license).

INVESTMENT: $749 and up

* We do our best to provide accurate pricing on this page, but the costs quoted here may not always apply. The fees quoted apply to registration of simple single registrations for written, musical, audio-visual and artistic works. For more complicated works such as computer programs, applications, or group works Contact Us for a quote.



Schedule a FREE 
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Is now the right time to register this work?

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until you know for sure.

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