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"I love not knowing what I'm getting!"

- No Client, Customer, or Buiness Associate... EVER

For the most part, you’re not legally required to use contracts in your business. However, every entrepreneur knows that contracts are necessary to protect themselves and their business. But, extra-savvy entrepreneurs also know that contracts do much more than just protect their business interests – contracts are, in fact, vital to the growth and ultimate success of any online business.  

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A custom contract makes you feel confident and at ease because it:

  • Is customized to your individual business and legal needs, and accounts for any unexpected future problems or legal mishaps specific to your business;

  • Is drafted to comply with the law, so you don’t need to worry about illegal or unenforceable terms;

  • Limits your liability and protects your profits;

  • Only includes the things that are relevant and important to your business, so you will never be stuck justifying or explaining away random and inapplicable contract provisions;

  • Looks clean, organized and professionally put together; and

  • Is written in plain English, so you can easily understand everything that is in it and you can confidently explain it to anyone else.

A custom contract makes you look professional in front of your clients, customers, and/or business associates because it:

  • Demonstrates that you are a serious business owner and that you invest in your business; and

  • Is a reflection of your customer service and shows your clients, customers, and/or business associates that you care about them.

A custom contract eliminates uncertainty, manages expectations, and reassures your clients, customers, and/or business associates because it:

  • Thoroughly spells out the terms and conditions of your offer, so they know exactly what they are getting, when, and how;

  • Familiarizes them with you, your company, and how you do business; and

  • Lets them know what is expected of them.

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A custom contract helps you get paid and stay paid because it:

  • Clearly communicates when, how, and how much you get paid;

  • Establishes clear and concise refund and return policies, warranties, and guarantees; and

  • Provides for enforceable legal remedies and penalties in case you have to take legal action to recover any debt.

 A custom contract safeguards your intellectual property because it:

  • Unambiguously states what can and cannot be done with your intellectual property. (Because believe it or not, most people believe that if they paid for it, they now own it and can do whatever they want with it.)

A custom contract makes enforcing your contract cheaper and easier because it provides for:

  • Alternative dispute resolution methods such as arbitration or mediation;

  • Additional legal remedies when money alone is not enough to make you whole;

  • Reimbursement of costs associated with enforcing the contract; and

  • Localized judicial interference, so you don’t have to defend any out of state lawsuits.

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All in all, a custom contract is much more than just a protection mechanism. When everyone knows exactly what to expect, it is easier to work together and it builds trust. This in turn fosters relationship growth, which then leads to business growth.

how it works


You can schedule a free 15-minute consultation if you have any other general questions, or you can just contact us to get started.


Afterward we send you a client agreement (so you know exactly what to expect), an invoice, and a link to a brief intake form.


You digitally sign the agreement, pay your invoice, and fill out the intake form.


We review your intake form and send you a link to our calendar to schedule a 20-minute Drafting Consultation.


One the date and time that you picked, we get on a video call (or phone call) and figure out exactly what you need your contract to say and do.


One to two weeks later you recieve your Custom Contract, and a link to our calendar to schedule a 30-minute Document Review Consultation.


On the date and time that you picked, we get on a video call (or phone call) and go through your contract so that you know exactly how to fill it out, make changes, and explain its terms.


You receive a recording of the Document Review Consultation for your records but if you have ANY questions or concerns, you have unlimited e-mail access to us for 30 days.

what you get

  • A 20-minute Drafting Consultation during which:

    • You can ask us your specific contract drafting questions;

    • You will tell us what you want your contract to accomplish; and

    • We will recommend terms to include in your contract, based on your current and future needs and goals.

  • A PDF Contract which is:

    • Customized to your unique business and legal needs;

    • Branded with your business logo and brand colors (if desired);

    • Beautifully laid out and formatted for easy readability; and

    • Written in plain English.


  • A 30-minute Document Review Consultation during which:

    • You can ask us specific questions about your Custom Contract and its terms;

    • We will go through and explain every term in your contract, so that you can:

      • Understand exactly what each term says;

      • Understand why each term is important and what legal consequences it may have;

      • Be able to explain each term to your clients, customers, and/or business associates, if necessary; and

      • Know whether you can (or should) change each term, if asked.


  • If Zoom video or audio conferencing was used, a recording of the Document Review Consultation, which you can reference any time you need a quick reminder.


  • Additional unlimited 30-day e-mail access to us, just in case you forgot to ask us something, or need an additional explanation.

  • Anytime and anywhere access to your Custom Contract and your Document Review Consultation recording through your Client Portal.


No two custom contracts are alike. Some require a little extra TLC, while others are fairly straight-forward. We don't believe in charging by the hour, so you will pay one flat fee based on the time we estimate it would take us to complete the work, and if we go over, well, that's on us!

Prices generally range from $749 to $1949.

If people like you, they'll listen to you, but if they trust you, they'll do business with you.

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Extremely knowledgeable, professional, honest and very helpful. Victoria is always prompt in her work and communication, which is extremely important to a client like me whose needs are always time sensitive.


Victoria was able to draft all the necessary documents, answer ALL of our requests, contact all necessary parties and obtain resolutions for things our previous attorney took MONTHS to do. Her determination and skills provide us with more than enough satisfaction to never look back. We're extremely happy to have found this firm.

- Stella P., Rescue City, Inc.

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not ready to commit just yet?

Perhaps you're a new business, or possibly you need a legal document ASAP, or maybe, just maybe,  you're just not ready to take the plunge and work one-on-one with us? 

Whatever the case may be, our DIY Contract Templates are a quick and easy way to protect your business, without fully investing in a custom contract.

But these aren't your typical generic fill-in-the-blank forms. These Contract Templates and Legal Guides are lovingly drafted by a knowledgeable online business attorney and are custom-tailored to your niche. 

Each Contract Template is written in plain English and fully-customizable - add your logo, tweak, add, or remove provisions, do whatever you need to do to make it fit your legal needs and your brand!


And if you're not sure about what to do, we're not leaving you high and dry. Every Contract Template comes with an Implementation Cheat Sheet, which explains:

  • How to use the Template;

  • When to use the Template;

  • What each key provision means; and

  • Where to customize the Template.   

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